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More Important Info for Affiliates:

Why should you promote SPYWARENUKER? Because it is estimated that 9 out of 10 PCs are infected with some sort of Spyware or Adware! So right now the consumer market for an Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware product is in high demand! You will have a very easy time selling this product!

Where should you promote SpyWareNuker?

SpyWareNuker sells extremely well on search engines, solo-mailings, pops, text links, and banners! Our top affiliates are earning well over 5 figures every month, some over $2,000+ per day! So get on board and begin promoting SpyWareNuker right away and get your piece of the pie today!

Beware of copycat affiliate programs! SPYWARENUKER was not only the first anti-spyware affiliate program on the NET, but it's 100% legitimate unlike most of the copycat anti-spyware affiliate programs. Many of the copycats sell a fraudulent piece of software that scares the consumer into wanting to buy it, but once they buy it they find out within moments that they have been scammed and then receive a refund. This directly affects you because you won't get paid on these refunds which can be as high as 15 - 20%! That kills you as an affiliate. Because the SPYWARENUKER program is a real anti-spyware program you won't have to worry about high refund rates (ours are less than 2%)!

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Sign Up Instructions:

Step #1:

To join our affiliate program, you must first be a member of Click Bank.
To sign up to Click Bank - Click Here
Sign up by clicking the link above - 30 second sign up process.
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Step #2

Use the following format to link to us
Simply replace the xxxxx with the nickname you chose when you signed up to Click Bank.

If your Click Bank nickname is spyware123, your affiliate link would look like this:

Step #3

Click Here to Visit our Affiliate Resource Center
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Notice: Recently several corporations have contacted us regarding unauthorized use of their trademarked names by affiliates promoting SpywareNuker or other TrekEight programs. Note that TrekEight accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for such usage and such issues remain between you, the affiliate, and the trademark owner. Note that, if requested, we will attempt to locate and provide contact information for the trademark owner so that they may contact the affiliate for a resolution.

Confidentiality and Competition: In agreeing to distribute this or any TrekBlue, Inc. program or software, you agree not to divulge the terms or methodology for the sale, creation or distribution of the program or software to any third party without express written consent of TrekBlue, Inc. You further agree not to develop competing or similar products for sale or promotion for a period of three (3) years after agreeing to these terms. In the event such a program is developed, you agree that TrekEight, LLC will be paid a licensing fee of $5 US (five US dollars) for every copy of a competing product that is developed and sold to the public or any corporation.