Thanks. It works great! Now my browser doesn't crash anymore and the pc is faster.

Susan Kelly

I just want to tell you guys that I absolutely love your Spyware Nuker Software, and thank you for developing it.


I wanted to let you know that I bought your spyware nuker program and I am very pleased with the dramatic decrease in pop-up ads.

Charles Guest

Great program, computer was having lockup problems etc; Hs been running great right up to one AM, thats 6 straight hours without a glitch.

Howard E Van Hoorebeke

I just want to thank you your spywarenuker is great. I could hardly do
anything on line without being bombarded with ads now I only have a few to
deal with. I had forgotten how nice it was to be able to take care of
business without all those ads. At times I would have as many as 30 but,
not now.
Bonnie Chaffin

PS I have a cable modem so I'm on line most all the time so you can imagine
how much you have helped me.

Nuker's scanner caught malicious key logging spyware files, when no other
spyware scanners found them. It caught about twice as many files as any
other scanner tested.

Customer service was very fast at answering my questions as well. Overall,
their software has ranked number one, out of 5 top spyware scanners tested.

Brian Chappell

I purchased SPYWARE NUKKER this morning. I'd just like to let you know that it is the best thing since "popcorn". I have not had one unwanted popup or advertisement in over 5 hours. Its GREAT !!

Thanks for your efforts.


Bob Latini

I can't believe how your software has sorted out my PC in just a few minutes. Ever since my children have been downloading music from the Kazaa site my PC has been plagued by popups and ad thingies. Despite following loads of instructions on how to remove these curses, I've failed every time - until now.

Web browsing has become a pleasure again

Thanks again

Christopher Owen